About Us...
Is the world better off because you are in business?

I started Speedwell Group on Labor Day 2001 (yes, one week before that fateful day) after coming out of a brief retirement from a nearly 20-year career as an entrepreneur, investor & investment banker and turn-around advisor.

I started with a key investment focus; IPL—investing in companies and real estate projects that “improve people’s lives”. While we always look to make a market (or better) return on capital, on every opportunity in which we invest, we also look just as carefully at how the company/project benefits the community* and how it would fare during a recession.


*By community we mean, in addition to the shareholders, employees, customers, vendors and communities (both local, regional and global—where applicable).

With regards to corporate investments, we look to five basic questions:

  1. Is the world better off because you’re in business?

  2. Will the world be better off if you double in size?

  3. Would your customers / clients be better off if they doubled their business with you (if feasible)?

  4. With the appropriate resources, organically or via M&A, can you at least double in 3 to 5 years and triple in 7 to 10?

  5. Is the proper culture in place and is the leadership team experienced enough and committed to #4?


With regards to real estate investments, in addition to expected cash-on-cash stabilization & annualized ROI (not IRR) returns, we look to three questions:

  1. What is the current need for this project?

  2. Will the community impacted be better off by this project?

  3. Will the project still be viable for the entire expected life of the project (generally 30 years)?

During the last 18 years, we have co-invested (we always co-invest) in approximately two dozen companies, a dozen or so real estate projects and advised scores of other investors or corporate leaders.

With our partners, we are currently looking to invest &/or advise as follows:

Corporate: $2M to $50M in US-based companies that fit the above criteria in the

Real Estate: $20M+ projects (typically development) as follows:

  1. Senior living (IL/AL/MC) opportunities in the US Southwest & Mountain West (others on a case-by-case basis),

  2. Market rate & affordable multi-family in select other US markets (primarily warm-weather), and

  3. Other unique opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

I invite you to reach out to me to have a preliminary call to discuss your company and/or project.

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