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Consequi a melius mundi - For a better world



As former entrepreneurs and real estate developers we, along with our investment partner/clients, invest &/or co-invest in established businesses and opportunistic real estate  opportunities that can make a positive impact in today's ever-changing world..


Along with our partner-clients, we identify and make minority and majority investments of $10 million to over $50 million* in US-based companies that meet our six requirements:

1)    Location. We invest in US-based companies with the majority of their workforce being located in the United States. We prefer larger, business-friendly metropolitan areas but will look at opportunities with strong metrics in other US locations;

2)    Industry. While essentially industry-agnostic, we typically conduct industry-specific searches as our investment criteria changes from time to time. We do shy away from commodity-based industries (sand, gravel, nuts & bolts, etc.), government-controlled industries (utilities, Medicare, etc.) and industries that face legal or ethical challenges (tobacco, alcohol, sexual-based);

3)    Culture. We like companies with solid people-focused cultures (including employees, customers, vendors and communities);

4)    Scale. While we will look at non-cash flow positive companies given the right situation, we typically make minority and majority investments of $10 million to more than $50 million in established businesses that can support such an investment based on existing cash flow—thus a certain amount of scale is required.

5)    Multiples. We are “performance-based” investors, not “potential-based” investors. Thus, we look at past and current performance to determine value—although in certain situations, given a good plan, we can mitigate this  requirement somewhat; and

6)    Tenure. We prefer to invest in established companies and leadership teams that have weathered a few “storms”. As typically long-term investors, we anticipate more storms ahead during our investment period. How you survived the 2008 recession is an important discussion point.

*funds can be used for working/growth capital (organic and/or M&A), partner buyouts and even wealth diversification (providing ownership with a partial exit while remaining in charge of the company’s destiny)


Along with our with our development and financial partners, we look to make investments of $10 million to $25 million in select commercial residential-based real estate projects

Senior Living. We prefer projects with at least 100  beds/units and a combination of independent, assisted living & memory care in markets with strong demographics and friendly regulatory environments. Recent & current senior living activities are in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Texas (we are open to other markets where demand and the economics merit such a project)

Single family build-to-rent (B2R) rental communities. This is a new investment category for us and we are looking for development projects in secondary markets of at least 200 units (attached or detached) where every residence is part of the rental community. Typically, these projects will be located in areas with strong demographics (part of a master planned community in a good school district is a plus) and will have common design, a clubhouse and other amenities such as a pool, dog park, playground, etc.

Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or should you have any interest.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Speedwell Monaco, Inc.
2626 Cole Ave, Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75204
Boyd Burton, Chairman
(817) 721-7146

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